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Somarroza’s inception

Somarroza is a family dream whose origin goes over 20 years back in time. Our passion for cider is acknowledged in all our products, that have been awarded prizes at the most renowned international cider contests worldwide. During our brief path through the field of cider, we have achieved placing Cantabria on the world map of the highest quality ciders, standing out not only for our innovation and elaboration of new cider types never seen before, but also for maintaining the essence of tradition and naturalness. At the moment, we elaborate 11 different types of cider, thereby reaching everyone’s palate

Our team is compounded by Jesus Gomez Solorzano, chairman and originator of Somarroza, Lucia Gomez Prieto as marketing and accounting manager and Cecilia Gomez Prieto as enologist and quality control manager.

El equipo Somarroza: Lucía, Cecilia y Jesús Gómez.

Milestones in Somarroza


Jesús Gómez con su sidra casera Somarroza en 2006.
Jesús Gómez escanciando Somarroza en 2003.

Somarroza birth

Cider making passion starts flowing through our veins. Somarroza’s orchard is brought to live and we begin to elaborate cider for own consumption. Our orchard is certified as ecological and self-sustainable. It is home of sheep, hens and turkeys which keep the land fertile and clean, helping us avoid the use of machinery. 

FINCA SOMARROZA.  Una finca ecológica autosostenible, en la que conviven ovejas, gallinas y pavos.


Somarroza’s dream turns into reality.

In 2010 we decided to take the leap and launch our natural cider. At that time, Somarroza was the only cider elaborated in Cantabria available at the market.

Since we set a foot on the market, we have managed to recover our region’s cider tradition, fostering the use of cider in bars and restaurants. Moreover, we have placed Cantabria in the world map of the quality ciders. So far, we have been awarded numerous international prizes in the most prestigious cider contests, standing out for our innovation and elaboration of new cider varieties never seen before while keeping the essence of tradition and naturalness.

A la izquierda, botella con la etiqueta que utilizábamos cuando hacíamos sidra casera para regalar a familiares y amigos. A la derecha, la primera botella de Somarroza con registro sanitario que se consumió en el evento de lanzamiento de nuestra sidra en un bar del pueblo.
La casa de la sidra, los orígenes de Somarroza
Elaboración de la sidra en la casa.


We set out a new organic certified orchard called ‘La turbera’

Autochthonous apple varieties were carefully planted in this new orchard to help their recovery and preservation.


We launch our sweet sparkling cider – Sidra Espumosa Dulce Somarroza

During its first season, it was awarded the prize of the best cider at Salon de las Sidras de Gala de Gijon – Asturias.

We also launched ‘La Sidruca’ meaning ‘the small cider’ in our own region’s peculiarities of the Spanish language. In a new 25 ml bottle format, it arrived on the market in two different varieties, sweet and natural (dry).

Our first orchard officially became certified as organic and we placed on the market our new ecological certified cider – Sidra Natural Bio Somarroza.


Sidruca con limón de Novales


La Sidruca con Limon. We introduce in the market a cider with lemon from Novales (a well known village in Cantabria for their high quality, all year round harvested lemons).

At that time, it was the first cider with lemon in the market, hence, it was real hit.

We finally settled in our recently built, brand new cider house next to Somarroza’s orchard, at the top of Somarroza’s hill.

Sidra Natural Somarroza, (our first elaboration) was awarded the Pomme d’Argent in Frankfurt CiderWorld contest.

Nuevo Lagar de Somarroza


Capricho de Somarroza arrives on the market.

An ecologically certified wine-like cider elaborated with selected apples from our own ecological orchard. The cider is produced on a seasonal limited edition basis.

A third orchard was stablished. This time based on an innovative project regarding red flesh apples. These trees will yield their first harvest in 2022, which will be used to elaborate our red cider named Rubí de Somarroza.

Flores Rubí de Somarroza.
Plantación Rubí.




We launch our Espumosa Seca Somarroza – dry sparkling cider (the dry twin of Somarroza’s sweet sparkling cider)


Espumosa Dulce Somarroza, Capricho de Somarroza, Sidra Natural Somarroza and La Sidruca con Limon were all awarded prizes at CiderWorld cider contest (Frankfurt, Germany) and at Glintcap (Michigan, EE.UU).

Only in 2019, our award-winning ciders were bestowed with 10 international prizes

Nueva sidra Somarroza Espumosa Seca


Somarroza lands at Canary Islands with the brand new La Sidruca Canaria (sweet cider with bananas from the Canary Islands)

Sidra Natural Somarroza was awarded medals at the Cidercraft Awards (Seattle, EE.UU) and also once again at the CiderWorld cider contest in Frankfurt, alongside with La Sidruca con Limon.


Biter Bio Somarroza is born and makes a terrific impact.

Just one month after its first appearance, Biter Bio Somarroza was awarded the gold medal with the highest score amongst all the cider genres of the contest at Sagardo Forum cider contest in San Sebastian (Spain).

Our award-winning ciders kept bringing home medals from around the world. They were awarded six medals at CiderWorld in Frankfurt (Germany), 2 medals at Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition in Michigan (EEUU) and 5 medals at Sagardo Forum cider contest in San Sebastian (Spain).

Algunas de las medallas conseguidas por Sidra Somarroza


IX Feria de la sidra de A Estrada (Galicia)

Jesús Gómez Solórzano was awarded the ‘Grolo de Oro’ at the 9th edition of Feria de la sidra in A Estrada (Galicia) due to Somarroza’s trajectory in the cider field.

Premio Alimentos de Cantabria

Somarroza was acknowledged by their innovation and awarded the ‘Alimentos de Cantabria’ -Innovation prize, a prestigious food sector recognition in our region. 

Mejores Productores Sostenibles de España

Somarroza became the first and only cider producer winning the trophy to the best sustainable elaborator in Spain, awarded by BBVA in liase with two of the best Spanish chefs, the Roca brothers. This recognition is specially important due to the acknowledgment of Spanish producers commitment with sustainable growth, energy efficiency, healthy nourishment and the fostering of local and low carbon footprint products. 

Medallas en certámenes internacionales especializados en sidra

This year, our ciders take home 5 medals at CiderWorld cider contest in Frankfurt (Germany), 2 medals at GLINTCAP cider contest in Michigan (EE.UU), 1 medal at Nordic Cider Awards cider contest in Norway and 3 medals at CINVE contest in Madrid (Spain), being our Biter Bio Somarroza and Capricho de Somarroza awarded the highest honors – Grand Gold.


Salón Gourmets Madrid


Somarroza Ecological cider is awarded with the first prize to the best organic product at Salon Gourmets in Madrid (Spain). 

Salon Gourmets if the most important and prestigious quality food and beverages fair in Europe and one of the globally most important fairs regarding this sector. Showcasing the best assortment of premium brands and trends.

This 11th edition congregated 2014 different producers worldwide bringing over 55.000 products.

CiderWorld Frankfurt (Alemania)

Biter Bio Somarroza once again stole the show at CiderWorld cider contest at Frankfurt (Germany) and obtained a special prize as a consequence of being the best product in its genre. A total of five medals were awarded; gold medals to Biter Bio Somarroza and La Sidruca con Limon, silver medals to Rubi de Somarroza and Sidra Espumosa Dulce Somarroza and a honor medal to Capricho de Somarroza.